2012 Festival Winners Announced

2012 Festival Winners Announced

The 2012 All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival is in the books, and it was our biggest ever! We had our largest audiences and filmmaker participation yet, and of course, the most fun. The three day festival took place November 9th –  11th at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, CA.

In addition to coverage from the likes of ESPN Brazil, we were honored to have welcomed VIP’s like Director/Writer Peter Farrely and writers/producers from “CSI: NY”; “Crash & Bernstein” and “Whitney”.

We will be updating the site with photos and video from the event in the coming days and weeks, for now, here is the official list of 2012 ASLAFF winners. We would like to thank all of this year’s entrants, we are very lucky to have so many talented independent filmmakers participate in our festival year after year.

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2012 All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival Winners

Spec Commercials
3. The Duel – Directed By Neil Payne
2. Ali Fathead – Directed by Mark Ruiz
1. LAZR – Directed by Xiao Zheng

Audience Choice – The Duel – Neil Payne


Super Short Documentary
3. A Day at the Races – Directed by Miguel Mouchess
2. Providers of Joy and Solace – Direcgted by Brock Mullins
1. London Scenes – Kristian Berki – Produced by Nora Zentai

Audience Choice – Providers of Joy and Solace – Brock Mullins


Super Short Film
3. Interchange – Directed by Paul Anthony Nelson
2. Loud Sports Network –Directed by Pedro Castro, Produced by Ramiro Castro
1. Cross Court – Directed by Raffy Cortina

Audience Choice – Loud Sports Network


Short Foreign Documentary
3.Winds of Change – Directed by Babita Puri , Executive Producer – Sandeep Gupta
2. Outside the Box – Directed by Stephanie Brockhaus
1. Freedom Spirit – Directed by Jader Lago (Accepting Patricia Teixeira)


Short Documentary
3. Beyond The Team – Directed by Tim Kulikowski
2. 90th Minute – Directed by Jun Stinson
1. From Philadelphia to Fallujah – Directed by David Hammelburg, EP Gil Bindelglas

Audience Choice – Into Thick Air – Directed by Dave Story


Short Foreign Film
3. Shinny – Directed by Tyler MacIntyre Produced by John Negropontes
2. Your Best Foot Forward – Directed by Melinda Kalac
1. Tzuf – Directed by Ofer Matan


Short Film
3. Bogey – Directed by Samuel Carter
3. You Got This! – Produced by Sara Hills
2. Color of Anger – Directed by Vishesh Sharma
1. Spartan King – Directed Michael Deveau, Produced by Manish Keshwani

Audience Choice – Bogey Directed by Samuel Carter


Foreign Feature Documentary
3. The Cheer Ambassadors – Dir. by Luke Cassady-Dorion, EP – Jason Best
2. Marathonman 365 – Directed by Tom Coeman
1. Dream Racer – Directed by Simon Lee


Feature Documentary
3. Shooting for Home – Directed by Greg Kappy
2. Without a Fight – Directed by Jason Arthurs
2. To Them That’s Gone – Directed and Produced by Andrew and John McKay
1. American Man – Directed by Jon Frankel

Audience Choice – Shooting For Home by Greg Kappy


Feature Film and Audience Choice Award Winner:
Hitting the Cycle – Directed by Ritchie Nash and Darin Anthony


Short Screenplay
3.Somewhere in the World – Tomas Nepumocino
2. Can’t Find The Ball – Ed Weston
1. See Saw – Angela Winston


Family Feature Screenplay
3. Wide Right Knight – Zack Smith
2. Rexford All-Stars – Jason Furlani
1. PLAYball – Don Bastida


Biopic Feature Screenplay
3. Play Up! – Peter Eisenhardt
2. Separate > Equal – Thomas Lidd
1. Taking The Last Shot – Randy Hatch


Original Feature Screenplay
3. Submission – Bruce Rose
2. The Heckler – Mike Hanson
1. Hurt and Providence – Cyd Zeigler



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