The Favorite Dog Breeds For Los Angeles Sports Fans

Los Angeles is home to a number of amazing sports teams. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most popular basketball teams in the franchise, the Los Angeles Dodgers brings out thousands of baseball fans every game, and the Los Angeles Chargers excites football fans far and wide. With an amazing 11 professional sports teams found within the city limits, sports fans have a wide variety to choose from.

However, Los Angeles residents are also excited when it comes to their pets, particularly their dogs. The climate of the city, which is mostly dry and warm year-round, is the perfect place to enjoy the joys of owning a dog. Read on to learn the five most popular dog breeds for Los Angeles sports fans and why they are amazing animals.

French Bulldog

Residents of Los Angeles often gravitate to the French Bulldog, a lovely breed that is as sweet as it is charming. With a large, square head and very heavy face wrinkles, many residents of the city fall in love with the look of a French Bulldog before they even experience their sparkling personality. While French Bulldogs may not bark a lot, they are still alert enough to their surroundings that they make excellent watchdogs. These wonderful pups are a great breed for most situations as they can adapt to life with either one person or live with a larger family.


Another LA favorite when it comes to dogs is the Bulldog. The Bulldog is docile, friendly, and kind, and they make very loyal companions. Their wrinkled faces will make strangers stop and squeal at their cuteness. Bulldogs are perfect for sports fans who love to get out and about as much as possible, as they need moderate exercise and will enjoy a small walk every day. Just remember, the short snout of a Bulldog can cause them to have a little trouble breathing in the hotter weather. Air-conditioned homes are the best bet for this breed when the city gets too hot!

Labrador Retriever

While the Labrador Retriever is a hugely popular dog all over the country, Los Angeles residents name them among their top five. It’s easy to see why! The Labrador is a great breed for sports lovers everywhere, as they are friendly, agile, and outgoing. Labs love to run, play, and jump wherever they go. Dog owners who enjoy long walks or jogs can take their Labs along. Most Labradors need about an hour of exercise a day and will love going out with their owners for playtime many times a day – and if you live in a more rural area of LA you might even consider getting them a GPS dog fence.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a breed like no other. Sweet, friendly, and trustworthy, the Golden Retriever is a favorite for sports fans in LA. Golden Retrievers are wonderful working dogs and are often used as service animals since they are so willing to be trained. This particular breed was built to retrieve waterfowl and will enjoy fetching and swimming for many hours. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy being with a dog that loves the outdoors as much as they do!

German Shepherd Dog

Last but not least, the German Shepherd is another favorite for Los Angeles sports fans. Loyal, obedient, and extremely intelligent, German Shepherds make excellent watchdogs as well as loyal companions. This breed is readily willing to learn a number of commands and is calm under pressure, making them the perfect choice for police dogs. They are also used for search and rescue missions due to their devotion to the job and courage under stressful situations. They love to run and play and will make the perfect pet for a dog lover who enjoys the outdoors.

What Is The Most Popular Sport in Los Angeles?

The most popular sport in Los Angeles is certainly basketball as right now you have the Lakers and Clippers. You have the Lakers who have won more than ten championships ever since it was established more than four decades ago. You know they would want nothing more than to win more and that is exactly what they did last season. The WNBA is not to be underestimated as there is also the LA Sparks, a team that boasts many all-stars playing for them.

It is great how the city of LA has a huge population as that also means that many sports teams can play there. It would mean good business for team owners as to when the team plays there, that would mean huge ticket sales for them so it means a huge ROI. The Clippers are not doing bad themselves as they are expected to have a strong team consisting of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Good luck to opposing teams trying to score against those two wing defenders.

Paul George may have struggled in the playoffs but he is a versatile defender who can contribute in so many ways. When he tries to lock you down, it is going to be tough to score especially when you try and get to the rim. He usually blocks smaller guards and you can’t blame him for trying to do his job. The same goes for Kawhi as there is a reason why he is known as the Klaw.

The Lakers are expected to run it back next season with almost the same core of the team that won the championship. They did not lose that many players but they did lose centers Dwight Howard and JaVale McGee and incomes reigning Sixth Man of the Year Montrezl Harrell and Marc Gasol. Gasol may be a bit old but he can still contribute defensively and he is expected to guard tall centers when it is playoff time. Harrell is expected to become a big spark coming off the bench when LeBron James or Anthony Davis decided to take a few minutes’ rests.

When it is the two LA teams taking on each other, you have some amazing matchups to consider – great news for the local sports fans. Even if the Clippers lost Harrell, they added Serge Ibaka, a shot-blocking center who can also shoot the three. Needless to say, the Clippers also got stronger during the offseason since that is a major upgrade. Surely, fans will be waiting to see when the two teams will lock it up. It won’t be long before we will get to see LeBron and Kawhi guard each other.

It will surely be entertaining basketball at its finest. Yes, you can expect TV ratings to be up and the Staples Center to be full to its capacity. A ton of celebrities will also show up since it is just near where they live. It would feel great to watch the game live and sit close to where the action is happening.

Why Does Los Angeles Have So Many Sports Teams?

A lot of professional players want to play for Los Angeles sports teams as that would get them closer to glitz and glamour. It could potentially land them a big deal in a movie or TV series. That would be a nice option for the way after they retire. Also, the city of Los Angeles is big enough to accommodate a ton of sports teams for all sports as it has 4 million. When you include the suburbs, that would total to 18 million. It is no surprise how the Staples center is always full when they play their home games there.

The Los Angeles teams have won a lot of championships too. A lot of players want to go there and want to become known as players who brought championships there. In fact, a lot of free-agent players want to sign to Los Angeles teams and become part of an all-star cast.

For example, the Lakers brought former MVP LeBron James and he is suddenly playing like he was several years younger. He even led the team to a championship when Anthony Davis came aboard even when in the offseason, the Los Angeles Clippers added Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Those are two all-defensive team members who are also all-stars. Kawhi even won a championship the season before that but they end up getting upset by the Denver Nuggets. It became quite a mess that Doc Rivers got fired and he got hired a few days later by the Sixers.

Lakers games would usually bring celebrities to their games including die-hard fan academy award winner Jack Nicholson. Clippers games also bring Billy Crystal to their games and it won’t matter who plays for them as they would want nothing more than to see their teams win.

Despite the many teams in Los Angeles, schedule makers have no problem making schedules for the teams. There will be times when other teams would fly into Los Angeles and play two Los Angeles teams on successive nights. That means they will get to enjoy the sights and sounds of Los Angeles, and of course the city’s sports fans love it. For some, it means going out to nightclubs while enjoying top class music from world-renowned DJs.

Not only does LA have two NBA teams, but they also have two NFL teams and that is no coincidence. That was not the case before as some NBA teams just chose to relocate to Los Angeles as it is the place to be for some rich owners. They would want nothing more than to enjoy their lives there while watching the NBA games.

Of course, it won’t take long for celebrities to meet up with their favorite pro players since that is where Hollywood is. It is also where some talk shows are being held so players can easily guest there when they are playing for one of the LA teams. It would give them a boost in confidence and it would be a great feeling to appear on a talk show.