The Favorite Dog Breeds For Los Angeles Sports Fans

Los Angeles is home to a number of amazing sports teams. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most popular basketball teams in the franchise, the Los Angeles Dodgers brings out thousands of baseball fans every game, and the Los Angeles Chargers excites football fans far and wide. With an amazing 11 professional sports teams found within the city limits, sports fans have a wide variety to choose from.

However, Los Angeles residents are also excited when it comes to their pets, particularly their dogs. The climate of the city, which is mostly dry and warm year-round, is the perfect place to enjoy the joys of owning a dog. Read on to learn the five most popular dog breeds for Los Angeles sports fans and why they are amazing animals.

French Bulldog

Residents of Los Angeles often gravitate to the French Bulldog, a lovely breed that is as sweet as it is charming. With a large, square head and very heavy face wrinkles, many residents of the city fall in love with the look of a French Bulldog before they even experience their sparkling personality. While French Bulldogs may not bark a lot, they are still alert enough to their surroundings that they make excellent watchdogs. These wonderful pups are a great breed for most situations as they can adapt to life with either one person or live with a larger family.


Another LA favorite when it comes to dogs is the Bulldog. The Bulldog is docile, friendly, and kind, and they make very loyal companions. Their wrinkled faces will make strangers stop and squeal at their cuteness. Bulldogs are perfect for sports fans who love to get out and about as much as possible, as they need moderate exercise and will enjoy a small walk every day. Just remember, the short snout of a Bulldog can cause them to have a little trouble breathing in the hotter weather. Air-conditioned homes are the best bet for this breed when the city gets too hot!

Labrador Retriever

While the Labrador Retriever is a hugely popular dog all over the country, Los Angeles residents name them among their top five. It’s easy to see why! The Labrador is a great breed for sports lovers everywhere, as they are friendly, agile, and outgoing. Labs love to run, play, and jump wherever they go. Dog owners who enjoy long walks or jogs can take their Labs along. Most Labradors need about an hour of exercise a day and will love going out with their owners for playtime many times a day – and if you live in a more rural area of LA you might even consider getting them a GPS dog fence.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a breed like no other. Sweet, friendly, and trustworthy, the Golden Retriever is a favorite for sports fans in LA. Golden Retrievers are wonderful working dogs and are often used as service animals since they are so willing to be trained. This particular breed was built to retrieve waterfowl and will enjoy fetching and swimming for many hours. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy being with a dog that loves the outdoors as much as they do!

German Shepherd Dog

Last but not least, the German Shepherd is another favorite for Los Angeles sports fans. Loyal, obedient, and extremely intelligent, German Shepherds make excellent watchdogs as well as loyal companions. This breed is readily willing to learn a number of commands and is calm under pressure, making them the perfect choice for police dogs. They are also used for search and rescue missions due to their devotion to the job and courage under stressful situations. They love to run and play and will make the perfect pet for a dog lover who enjoys the outdoors.

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